Tournament Rules

The Bounty Hunter Tournament 2024



All contestants must be registered at the venue first before weighing in any fish.

Contestants must carry their Tournament ID card with them at all times. Random inspections will take place throughout the tournament. One ID card per person. ID cards are not exchangeable between anglers. You risk disqualification if you do not have your Tournament ID card on you.

All persons aboard a boat must have a Tournament ID card on them or all persons aboard and the boat will be disqualified from the tournament.

No prizes will be issued without valid proof of identity.

If your Tournament ID card is lost or stolen, please let the tournament organisers know immediately. In this scenario a replacement card will be available at the event.

Entry to the tournament is at the discretion of the tournament organisers and will only be complete when accepted by the organisers. If entry is refused, the entry fee will be refunded.

The organisers reserve the right to cancel the registration of any contestant whose conduct in the organisers’ opinion is contrary to the spirit in which the fishing tournament is run. The decision of the organisers in this matter is final. No refunds will be given.

Purchasing a ticket constitutes acceptance of the rules and regulations covering the tournament, and all contestants agree to abide by the organisers and judges decisions.

If you have any issues around your payment, or the amount you have been charged please call Stan on 07 866 8760 or 0274 345 226, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Registration starts at 11am and finishes at 10pm on Thursday 27th June 2024 at The Top Pub, Coromandel Town. Registration is compulsory. At the registration, bring the print out of your Ticket Confirmation email in order to receive your Tournament ID card. The organisers strongly advice attendance at the briefing.


There will be a briefing at 7.30pm on Thursday 27th June 2024 at The Top Pub, Coromandel Town. The organisers will give important information regarding the tournament and will answer any questions. We suggest all anglers to attend. Briefing is not compulsory but registration is.


Fishing will commence at 1am on Friday the 28th June 2024 and complete 5pm on Saturday the 29th June 2024
Before you begin fishing make sure that you understand all the rules. If in doubt ask the officials, as no warning will be given.
Any contestant who commits a breach of the rules will be disqualified.
Failure to comply with an official’s request will be deemed a breach of the rules and the contestant will risk immediate disqualification.
Fishing will be with rods and reels only. Kontikis, kites, nets, spearguns, hand-lines or longlines are not permitted.
The permitted fishing areas is show here:

Fishing outside the mapped area will result in disqualification.
The organisers reserve the right to change the permitted fishing areas without explanation and contestants will be notified of any such change during the tournament.
Cheating will result in instant disqualification and those caught will be banned from any future tournaments run by the organiser.
Contestants must be prepared to be interviewed and have their photo taken regarding their catch at no cost to the tournament organisers. The tournament organisers and/or its appointees reserve the right to use this information in future publications.
Fighting, excessive drinking or abuse will not be tolerated. Anyone caught fighting or abusing others will risk disqualification from the tournament.


The final times for contestants to be in the weigh-in queue is 5pm on Friday 28th of June 2024 and 5pm on Saturday 29th June 2024. The official weigh station is at The Top Pub, Coromandel Town.
Contestants must be in the queue at the final closing time for fish weigh-in. The tournament organisers reserve the right to accept fish after the final closing time in special circumstances.
All fish weighed in each day must have been caught during the fishing time and within the fishing area allocated.
All fish must be presented in good sellable condition. They should be kept chilled (not frozen). Fish inspections may be carried out at every weigh in.
Only legal healthy fish will be accepted and the organisers reserve the right to reject any fish presented at their discretion.
You must have your Tournament ID card present to weigh your fish in. Only the angler who catches the fish can weigh the fish in.
Ministry of Fisheries' (MOF) daily limits must be adhered to.
The tournament organisers decision is final and binding on all contestants.


If you have any queries regarding regulations, please contact your local Ministry of Fisheries (MOF) Officer.
All fish must be of legal size and each angler is restricted to the Ministry of Fisheries' (MOF) regulations applying on that day.

A complete list of eligible tournament fish is to follow, please return soon for further update.

SpeciesDaily LimitMinimum Size
Kingfish 1 100cm
Snapper 1 30cm
Kahawai 1 n/a
Trevally 1 n/a
John Dory 1 n/a
Piper 1 n/a
Parore 1 n/a



All fishing prizewinners are determined by official weigh in.
The Tournament organisers' decision is final.
If you are under the age of 18 years, you must have a Guardian or Parent with you when receiving your cash prize.
If two or more fish of equal weight become eligible for a prize, then they will be ranked according to their weigh in times with preference given to those weighed in first.
Winners must be on hand at prize giving each day to receive their prizes. If a prizewinner is not present, the prize will be redrawn. Prizes become the responsibility of the winners once they receive them.


All contestants agree to observe the tournament regulations and bylaws including the Environment Waikato bylaws. The following are 4 main points to note:
Personal Floatation Device: No person in charge of a pleasure craft may use it or allow it to be used unless it carries as many personal flotation devices as there are people on board. The devices are to be of the right size for every person on board.
Prohibited Anchorages: No person may anchor or moor any vessel within any prohibited anchorages.
Damage to Navigation Aids: No person may tie a vessel to any buoy, beacon or other device or structure erected as a navigation aid or warning.
Speed in Vessels: No person may propel a vessel (incl. a vessel towing a person or some object) at a proper speed exceeding 5 knots: Within 50 meters of another vessel; or Within 200 meters of shore.
Copies of the full bylaws will be available at the venue and Environment Waikato will be patrolling the Eastern Gulf Area.
Contestants agree to follow general instructions from Environment Waikato, Ministry of Fisheries, Maritime New Zealand and the Department of Conservation.


We are concerned about the environment so please act to conserve the beauty of the Hauraki Gulf.
Please do not litter, either on land or out at sea. Dispose of all rubbish in allocated bins or bring it home with you for suitable disposal.
Respect ‘No Admittance’and ‘No trespassing’ signs and historic sites.
Please avoid using on-board toilets (unless you have a holding tank) within anchorages. Please use toilets provided ashore.
Urinating over the side of a vessel within the Long Bay, Manaia, Te Kouma, Coromandel harbours will not be accepted.


It is each anglers responsibility to determine if the weather and sea condition are safe for fishing. It is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure they only take a vessel out in conditions that are appropriate to both the type of vessel and their skill level.
However if the organisers deem the weather and/or sea condition unsafe they will cancel any day of fishing.

If both days are being cancelled by the organisers, the competition will be moved to the following Friday/Saturday with the exact same rules, regulations and prize list.
This will be announced at briefing before the start of the Tournament, and posted on our website and Facebook.
The organisers have this cancelling clause in place for the safety of the anglers and the organisers decisions is final. No refunds for tickets or costs associated with tournament or coming to the tournament will be covered by the organisers.


The organisers reserve the right to change or amend the tournament and/or these rules and regulations at any stage, subject to advice from its legal or technical advisers, recommendation from the Maritime authorities or in the interests of public safety.
Neither the Tournament organiser, nor any director, official, contractor or employee of the Tournament organiser shall have any liability in connection with the Tournament for any damage caused to any vehicle, boat or other property, or loss of property or personal injury or damage of whatever nature or kind howsoever caused.
By purchasing a ticket, you agree to all these rules and regulations.

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